programma | concorso internazionale EUROPAN 11
localizazzione | Nynashamn (SE)
area di studio | 17 ha
area di progetto | 13 ha
commitente | Comune di Nynashamn
gruppo di lavoro | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Valentina Milani

WATER – THE UNDERCURRENT TO THE PARK The Swedish terrain, with its numerous/countless lakes and islands, looks like a ‘liquid landscape’, where water seems to corrode the land, and the boundaries between the two are unclear and interchangeable. This dominant presence makes it a physical protagonist of the land as well as of the cultural landscape. Water has a social role, and it is one of the attractions and charms of this country, influencing economy and tourism. Many recreational, free time, wellness, touristic activities and sports revolve around water, which is an inspiring and entertaining natural force. The idea is to create a park of water: where water, in its three physical states, liquid, solid and vapor, is used to generate activity, leisure and play, as well as culture and contemplation. Using the strategic position of Nynäshamn, the new park may not only have a municipal role, but a larger territorial influence. The new park may become a starting point for diffuse water tourism, a place where one can get all the information about the opportunities and facilities of the area, discover the best places for swimming, bathing, surfing, skiing or ice-skating and how to get to them. The aim of the design proposal is to reinforce the relationship between the specific site and the surroundings. The project also works with visual connections. The flatness of the site means that the beauty of the surrounding nature could only be enjoyed from a certain height, thus the idea to provide the park with a Montgolfier: an air-mark, which makes it possible to see and contemplate the nearby coastline and the beautiful archipelago. For this type of parks, hospitality is also an important topic, and the opportunity to explore unconventional types of accommodation. The idea is to diffuse some temporary lodgings in the hilly surrounding landscape: a sort of a hotel where rooms are carefully spread between oak trees and crops
TRANSFORMING WITH WATER The site is an ancient seabed and large parts of the area may be flooded within 100 years. The site is a landscape in transformation and the main actor of the process is (and was) the water. We believe that people should be educated that ecosystems are in necessary flux, a cycle increasingly complex with today’s global climate shifts. Our design idea promotes this process: we propose an urban park that creates a microcosm of shifting habitats, program and landforms, and working with any type of transformation: long term/seasonal/daily mutations. Water may epresent flood, rain, ice, snow and vapor, and thus the design of the park is the design of the water. We propose the development of a new landscape able to use water as an important resource: space waiting for water in its different forms, and the presence or absence of water, which gives identity to the space. The possible configurations of the park are various and open to the water’s behavior. As a result, the park’s design, program and look change over time, but without losing the meaning