programma | concorso internazionale ”Jardin de Metis ”
localizazzione | Metis, Canada
superficie | 150 mq
commitente | Festival ”Jardin de Metis”
gruppo di lavoro | Arch.Mario Assisi, Arch.Mario Lamber, Arch.Valentina Milani,

We imagine a timeless garden, a temporary shot of calmness evoking a primordial landscape. Our paradise is an essential space, a monomateric reflecting surface full of light. It is not a hierarchical space but a space opened to individual choice. A smooth white topography leads the visitors trough the garden and lets them wander and discover. Holes like drops fallen from the sky define bottomlands, recreational or reflective, individual or collective, where visitors can stay on the surface or dip into it. We use recycled glass gravel to underline the importance of re-used and throwaway materials. Its smooth edges and different sizes create a heterogeneous surface, generating shades of light. Linear steel plates contain the gravel while gently marking the movement of the ground. They are more evident behind the bigger slopes and disappearing where the surface becomes flatter. We imagine a landscape made of material and light where edges can be defined in relation with elements behind the site.