IN CORSO di progettazione
programma | Progetto per una nuova casa unifamiliare
localizzazione | Cegrane, Macedonia del Nord
committente | privato
prestazione | progetto e DL
importo lavori | 300.000€

The plot is situated in end of the village Cegrane, between the suburban development and some important natural amenities of the region, such as the mountain Bistra and the River Vardar. The project area is a rectangular shape, 20m width and 60 m length. On the east site the plot is limited by the neighbor property that avoids to open direct views, while on the west site there is a small road and other building plots. The south orientation is where the new building could benefit maximum exposure of sunlight, while overlooking the nearby mountain Bistra.

The idea is to organize the plot in a sequence of east-west bands, allowing the main orientation of the house to be on the south and open to the surrounding landscape. Starting from the entrance, the first band contains services (garages, technical room, toilet and sauna), the second band includes the sleeping rooms, the third band is conceived as an open courtyard, while in the fourth and the fifth band are located the guest house, the workplace, the living space and a big terrace, facing the main backside garden.

We propose a one floor house, with two gardens, where each room of the house could open to and benefit from the direct contact with the ground. The courtyard is more intimate and private, while the main garden is conceived as an open space, where more public events could happen. The living area, generous and open, is located between the two, with the possibility to be completely open and create a unique, continuous space between the gardens.

The perimeter is delimited with two parallel walls, approximately 2.9 m height, on which the roof of the house leans against (ili relies on). We imagine a pitch roof geometry, evoking the existing and surrounding barn architecture and the profiles of the mountains. This layout permits to have different height in the ambient and an east-west sun exposure and ventilation, while maintaining the levels of privacy from the neighbors.